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Membership Application

 Welcome  to the  American  Chamber  of Commerce  (AmCham)  in Iraq.  We  are  pleased  that  you  are  considering membership. We look forward to partnering with you to promote American business interests in Iraq.  To complete the membership application process:

1)    Please complete  this form and return it to Amcham  – Iraq electronically.  E-mail address:

2)    Membership   dues  are  determined   by  the  category  of  membership   for  which  you  apply,  and  the  final determination  of your membership  category is made by the AmCham – Iraq Board of Directors.   Membership dues are payable annually on the anniversary of your membership.

3)     Please select the category that applies, and once your application is accepted, Amcham will send you an invoice

for membership dues.

☐ Renewal      ☐ New Membership      ☐ Additional Member      ☐ Transfer from

Company Information: Please complete the information below

Company:                                                                                                                        Address:                                                                                      

Tel:                                                                                                Fax:                                  Website:                                       

Country of Head Quarter:                                                             D-U-N-S® number (if available):                                      Registration in Iraq:                                                                                                                

Industry and Membership Category:  (Please tick the most appropriate)



☐ Aerospace and Defense ☐ Agriculture
☐ Business Services and Management ☐ Construction and Industrial Manufacturing
☐ Education and Research ☐ Energy, Oil & Gas and Chemical
☐ Engineering ☐ Financial Services
☐ Food, Beverages and Fast Moving Consumer Goods               ☐ Government Affairs and Trade Associations
☐ Health and Biotech ☐ Hospitality, Hotels, Restaurants and Leisure
☐ Human Capital ☐ Information, Communications and Technology
☐ Legal ☐ Logistics
☐ Maritime and Shipping ☐ Marketing and Communications
☐ Media and Publishing ☐ Oil and Gas
☐ Real Estate and Architecture ☐ Transportation and Warehousing
☐ Wholesale and Retail Trade ☐ Other:
  • An American businesses or association with a business interest in Iraq either independently or in affiliation with

an Iraqi business entity.                               Yes                                                            No        

  • A Non-American Business which is understood to be companies or major operating units thereof which significantly contribute to increasing U.S. exports or demonstrate that a majority of their operating revenue derives from commerce with U.S. companies and that have a presence in Iraq. Yes                   No      
  • An American Citizen who has a significant business interest in Iraq.                 Yes                         No      
  • American NGO’s and their branches/affiliates having a registered presence in Iraq.    Yes         No      


Category of Membership Annual Dues
American Business Member $5,000     r
Non-American Business Member $5,000     r
Individual Member $1,000     r
Non-Governmental Organization $500        r
Ex-Officio/Honorary Member $0             r


Personal Data for Company Representatives

* 1st Representative:                    First Name: * 2nd Representative (Alternate):                     First Name:
Family Name: Family Name:
Title in Company: Title in Company:
Email: Email:
Tel: Tel:
Citizenship: Citizenship:
Date of Birth (mm/dd/yy):

Passport #:

Date of Birth (mm/dd/yy):

Passport #:



Committees:  AmCham Committees will focus on pertinent issues, enable information exchange and shape advocacy

strategies. The Committee meetings will serve as a good source for information on commercial and policy issues. Please identify which committees you would be interested in.


☐ Corporate Social Responsibility                                     ☐ Oil and Gas

☐ Banking and Finance ☐ Food & Beverages
☐ Health Care ☐ Hospitality, Travel & Tourism
☐ Human Resources ☐ Information & Communications
☐ Technology ☐ Legal
☐ Manufacturing ☐ Engineering Services
☐ Other:

Contact Information (for correspondence related to membership maintenance)

Administrative Department

Mr./Ms.:                   First Name:                   Last Name:                   Email:


Position:                   Citizenship:

Finance/Accounting Department


Mr./Ms.:                   First Name:                   Last Name:                   Email:


Position:                   Citizenship:

By joining the AmCham – Iraq, you are committing to uphold the principles outlined in the Amcham – Iraq By-Laws, including transparency in all business interactions and commitment to responsible corporate citizenship.   Members of AmCham  – Iraq recognize  the difficulties  of doing business in Iraq, but believe in the powerful  role the private sector plays in Iraq’s economy  and enhancing  economic  growth.   AmCham  – Iraq members  have an obligation  to behave ethically and responsibly in all business dealings.

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